Marcothon defeat

It has taken me five days to get myself together to write this, well that’s a little overstatement, I have had to pull out of Marcothon. 

The running challenge has got the better of me. I have pulled out with shin splints. I managed 12 days in a row running 3 miles each day. 36 miles in that short period of time is something I have never done before, this is because I normally run as an infill to keep up my levels of fitness for cycling when I’m short for time. Due to the sporadic nature of my running I think my technique is a little weak and my muscle groups aren’t as honed as they needed to be, plus my bones aren’t there yet! After nine days I started to get a few twinges in my right leg, worsening on day ten, unbearable day eleven, and after day twelve I was almost sick. Yes I definitely went too far. Mainly down to my over competitive nature (both my brother and best mate were taking part) and the fact I wasn’t tiring or even breaking a sweat due to reduced pace. It was purely injury that was holding me back, something that’s not been an issue before.

In hindsight I think that even dreaming of getting to the end of the month was optimistic. I am glad that I tried and it’s highlighted an area that is not a strong point for me, meaning I can strengthen and avoid overdoing it again in future.

100 miles in a month in awful weather? Maybe next year………

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