I’m Jon, husband, father, and what I would call a cyclist.

I love cycling, I don’t live cycling. I’m time poor when it comes to it, but I spend any spare time I have riding, restoring, talking, and reading about bicycles ……….. and now that I have a blog maybe even ranting about them!

I’ve cycled and been fascinated by bicycles since I had my first S.E racing junior BMX at the age of 5, and they have followed me through life. I own a a few obviously and succumb to the N+1 rule almost every time. To me the variety in the cycling world is amazing, there is something for everyone, with near limitless options to make a bike your own. Everyone needs a bike!

I’m interested in how cycling can change the world we live in for the better, and how we can change peoples opinions on using a bike as a method of transport. It really isn’t uncool to commute on one, it really isn’t a big problem to share the road with them, it doesn’t make a statement about your personal finances by choosing a bicycle as a mode of transport, and you might even enjoy that little bit of exercise you get. Oh and did I forget to mention the health benefits…..? This is one of the main reasons I cycle, that buzz from turning the pedals is amazing for the soul. Although if you are reading this I’m guessing you already feel the same.

I’m lucky enough to have been Bournemouth born and bred, growing up in one of the nicest Locations in the U.K. Living here we are surrounded with some great countryside, with the New Forest to the east and the Isle of Purbeck to the west, it’s a great place to cycle.

Speak to you all soon

Bournemouth Cyclist


  1. Hi – I’m contacting you via Rinasclta bikes and wondering about the Rinasclta quality. Can you vouch for that company? Are there other companies you’d recommend? Thanks!


    1. Hi Mitch, yes I am happy to vouch for them. What I have tested so far has been of great quality. I do not have any experience of other Chinese based manufacturers so cannot recommend anyone else. If you look into the thorough testing that Rinasclta carry out on their products in factory then that should confirm my real world experience. Thanks


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