The Christmas list

It’s that time of year again! The time where you can ask for those ridiculously priced items of sports clothing you’ve been needing for a while and actually get them. In my case they are bought from the joint bank account by my wife and given to me by my 3 month old daughter*. I know I could head out and buy them anyway, but that’s not the spirit is it? We need to put the brakes on those purchases and experiences or we risk slipping into a world where there’s nothing to look forward to, and by that I don’t mean buying things is something to look forward to, its the giving yeah! And when your three month old daughter (who hasn’t a foggiest what’s going on) gives you those bib tights, HOW DID YOU KNOW! oh you just melt…….. ha ha.

*unless you are below the age of 10 and then I can’t wait for Father Christmas to arrive!

Ok so what’s on your cycling based Christmas list? Have you been a good cyclist? Did you wait at all those red lights? Did you signal at every junction? Did you nod/wave to every oncoming cyclist? If you answered yes to all the above then I haven’t seen you cycling round Bournemouth! Here’s what’s on mine:

Castelli Nanoflex Pro Bibtights

Since October with the rain starting and the temperature dropping, the fake Castelli bib tights that I have haven’t cut the mustard. Warm yes, dry no. Plus I have recently torn a massive hole in them due to me failing to move the cable clamps around the top tube so they wouldn’t catch. I have Castelli bibs already and rate them highly so would love some of these.

Specialized S-works Shoes

After trying a pair of these at the bike fit I couldn’t believe the comparison to my other shoes. The Northwaves felt like trainers. Like ten year old trainers. With actual rubber soles. The S-Works were light, stiff, and with the foot beds corrected actually felt like they fitted the contours of my soles.

Castelli Gabba 2 Long Sleeve Jersey

I’m not a fan of Jackets whilst cycling. I don’t like sweating like I’m wrapped in cling film, and I hate loose fabric flapping everywhere (I will wait until absolutely necessary to get out the folding pac-a-mac jersey pocket stashed rain jacket). The Gabba ticks those boxes from what I can see, rainproof, wind proof, breathable.

Now I hope I’ve ticked all the good cyclist boxes as I don’t want to be trying to use a piece of coal as a form of mid ride fuel……. And just in case he doesn’t get the hint, should I leave Father Christmas some High5 gels out on xmas eve? or a Cliff bar? just to give him that extra nod? Here’s hoping!

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