Velo Domestique Opens

Velo Domestique is Bournemouth’s little slice of cycling cafe culture and last week saw them opening their doors prior to Christmas for a sneak peek before they open fully in the new year. Think Amsterdam or Copenhagen’s ease with cyclists being grown from seed here in Bournemouth. We already have a cafe come cycle shop in Poole but it’s not a place that reflects cycling as a way of life, it’s more in tune with the ‘fit is the new rich/KOM hunter’ side of recreational cycling.

Charlie, Eva, and I ventured out Christmas Eve for breakfast on Velo Doms second day of opening . We had a busy day ahead and having someone else making it for us was a great solution!

The cafe is still in its early days but tables, kitchen, and counter are all in place. With the workshop tools and stand ready to go, they are offering services from day one with very reasonable prices.

As the guys were only opening the cafe for a couple of days their menu was slightly limited but it didn’t mean they weren’t on point with it. Charlie went for toast with jams and a fresh lemon and ginger tea (yes with real lemon and ginger), and I went for the avocado on toast dressed with lime, chilli, and salt, washed down with a cup of fresh Boscanova coffee. The avocado was a great breakfast, perfect mix of carbs, protein, and fats to keep me going until lunch. The total bill was £10, very reasonable.

It’s early days for Velo Domestique but in a town that has a growing number of cyclists (and a large number of cycle based businesses, see the directory) I think they will do well. I’m going to be digging out and donating any old jerseys, caps, and parts that I have to help the guys decorate as it may help speed up getting the feel of a cycle cafe.

I’m clearly pro cycle culture so I’m going to recommend you visit, but they aren’t onto a winner just because I like the idea, they have a lot planned for the new year. The guys will be running weekly ride outs, a seasonal menu, crit races, alley cats, supper clubs, movie screenings……… so its well worth getting involved.

Velo Domestique can be found at 176-180 Seabourne Road, or on their facebook page.

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