Shoe shopping with my daughter

My Northwave shoes have done well, they are now 3 years old and still in good condition, but its time to get something that’s now a little more suited to my riding ability. I’m not professing to be the next Sagan but I need something stiffer with a more customised fit, my riding has progressed since I first slung my leg over. I’ll back this up by saying my Northwaves have a composite sole, have dual Velcro straps, and standard foot beds. Its difficult to be able to get them to fit that comfortably any more, another contributory factor being my feet have spread a little with my increase in running changing my foot shape.

Off the back of my bike fit a few weeks ago Andy found my feet over pronated, this matches the gate analysis I have had for running, meaning I would have uneven pressure applied to the pedals on the outside of my feet. He wasn’t wrong, I have been suffering with pain on the outside of my feet on longer rides. He also assessed the shape of my arch, this highlighted my relatively high arches meaning standard footbeds wouldn’t cut the mustard. At the time of the fit I tried a pair of 2015 Specialized Sworks shoes fitted with the correct footbeds and toe wedges, but as they were now discontinued I thought I would opt for the new 2016 SWorks 6. These weren’t in stock so I returned today, family in tow, to try them out.

Now i’m sure this isn’t the last time that I will go shoe shopping with my daughter, but it’s the last time I take her shopping when the shoes are for me! After three quarters of an hour in Hargroves, two dirty nappies, a change of clothes, a feed, (and a single sip of a cup of tea), I had managed to successfully put on one shoe. Today I was trying the Sworks 6 and the Sub 6 shoes. I spent 5 minutes trying to loosen and lace up one Sub 6 so those were relegated to the ‘form over function’ pile, quickly moving onto the boa operated Sworks 6. With the corrected footbeds and toe wedges they fitted great, thanks to the combination of boa and velcro and a slighty wider toe box. They also have a noticeably narrower heel area than the previous years model meaning I shouldn’t suffer any heel lift. Sizing confirmed, I’ve ordered the all black models and should be able to pick them up next week, I’m really looking forward to it.


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