the c word

I’ve had a limited amount of mileage this year and I like to think I’m a conscientious cyclist. Because of this, my level of confrontation with other road users is very close to non existent, in fact, until today I haven’t had one cross word aimed at me this year.

Today though, on new years eve, I was referred to as a c*nt by an oncoming motorist. Yes oncoming. I was cycling a road called the Avon Causeway from Hurn at around 18mph, minding my own business, keeping left, with a couple of cars behind me (the road doesn’t lend itself to passing that easy as traffic is generally quite busy). Then on the other side of the road a woman decided to wind her window down, lean out, and shout c*nt at me.

What is wrong with people nowadays? I’ve been trying to think what could be her issue:

  1. She has tourettes.
  2. She is jealous of my new svelte figure from cycling.
  3. She is a cyclist and was jealous that I was out cycling.
  4. She does actually know me.

Answers on the back of a postcard please…..

What I cant understand is that people think its acceptable to behave like that and also that some people must have that much of a dislike for cyclists. I mean its crazy! all I’m doing is riding a bike! Would she swear at a child riding their bike on the pavement? She shouted at me like I had stolen her purse. I understand the way she did it, plain cowardice. An easy win. There was no way I would turn around and catch her. Just not the thought process to get there in the first place, again what’s wrong with people…….



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