Absolute black Chainring for FSA SLK Light cranks

So I have my first absoluteBLACK product as a brand ambassador. A 50t outer ring for my newly fitted FSA SLK K-light crankset on my Ribble R872. And what a beautiful addition it is.

The chainring fits incredibly well, even using the FSAs original capped bolts. A nice touch seeing as most aftermarket rings look like a bolt on part rather than factory fit. The machining is amazing with lovely detail and precision compatibility, even down to the shift ramps on the rear of the ring, and the anodising used to finish is super tough. Almost a work of art!

Initially I decided to go for just the outer ring as most of the riding I do round the new forest and local area is spent there, and I’ve been running it for about a month now. This week I ventured a little further afield where the granny ring came into play. Immediately I noticed the difference in how the pedal stroke developed, it felt like the first quarter was empty and my efforts were being wasted. I really wasn’t expecting such a noticeable change, a real testimony to how the ovals work and needless to say I’ll be upgrading the inner ring!

I have been training a lot more as of late, personal records seem to be happening both on the bike and whilst running. I’ve lost some weight also. On the bike though I would definitely attribute some of my new found speed to this oval ring. I’m finding that I have more explosive power (or that the power I do have is being used more effectively) and that on sustained efforts I fatigue less quickly. I also feel like the demand on my lungs has dropped. These are all claimed by absoluteBLACK and although I’m no pro or scientist I have enough experience of my own efforts to notice these changes. So fair play to them.

Very happy to be running this upgrade on my bike, well recommended!



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