Ettore sonar waterproof backpack

I have been lucky enough to have been gifted a waterproof backpack by cycle clothing startup Ettore. They have launched with a range of waterproof jackets, cycling shorts, and waterproof backpacks with the view to growing their range. I have also received one of their jackets, the night eagle, and a write up for that will follow shortly.

A common problem for commuter cyclists is the ability to keep the contents of their bags bone dry in inclement weather. This is decided by a few design factors, the material, the closure system, and the seams. Ettore have managed to counter all of these with the innovative design of their Sonar backpack.

Pack with unrolled top. Bag has seen some good use in the last few months and is now our go to for looking after the kids!

Ettore claim the bag is fully waterproof and have achieved this by combining a few different techniques. The material is rubber coated tarpaulin, the seams are all welded and taped, and the top closure is of a roll type. Whilst admittedly I’ve only tested this in light rain (and at the beach with two kids under five!) it’s easy to see that (providing the construction lasts) you won’t be getting any water ingress. It kept the sand out no trouble!

The straps have plenty of adjustment and are well padded.

Another issue with cycling backpacks is the ability to keep the bag stable on your back. The Sonar has both a waist strap and a chest strap allowing you to stop it rotating or having the straps slip off your shoulders. The last thing you want to happen when riding is to have your balance constantly effected by a shifting pack. Easy to adjust and comfortable straps are nothing out of the ordinary but those on the Sonar do exactly what’s needed. It’s a comfortable pack to ride with.

Rear padding is designed to allow airflow on the back.

The bag is available in two sizes, 25l and 30l. I went for the larger and it proved to be the right choice, It has an impressive capacity without being unwieldy. Internally you get a couple of pouches suitable for a small tablet, phone, wallet, or cycling accessories. the smaller of which is zippable. The backpack easily fits a 17″ laptop in it but does not come with a protective sleeve so you are best using an additional slimline one. For me its held changes of kids clothes, nappies, lunch, and drinks and remain comfortable to wear. It holds it shape whilst packed as well.

Front zip pocket is pretty big and allows you to store wet items away from the rest of your gear.
Pack rolled closed.

The pack also aids the visibility of the rider with its bright white colour and multiple reflective patches. These are located on the rear, side, and on the front of the straps. There is also a place to mount a rear light.

360° reflective elements.
Rear light attachment slots.

Overall its a well thought out pack that will stand up to the elements well. I’m looking forward to seeing how it lasts and with the way it feels I’m sure it will be a long while.

You can check out Ettore on their website HERE.

Once again, thanks to Ettore for the gift. It will certainly be well used!

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