It may be December and winter is in full flow (in the uk at least!) so talking about summer kit may sound a little weird eh? but hey its always summer somewhere! So thats my excuse….

Firstly, before we get into this review, I am a Lusso brand ambassador. Lusso opened up opportunities for cyclists like myself to apply for the positions, I was motivated to take the role by the quality of existing Lusso kit I owned, and I was lucky enough to be accepted. Secondly, this is not a paid advert. I purchased my Lusso kit (at a preferential rate) over four months ago, I wanted to put the kit through fair usage before I gave my full thoughts on it.

What kit did I buy then? I have three jerseys and two pairs of bib shorts. The jerseys are the fade, velocity, and mish mash models. The bib shorts are the DRS and RS19 models.

Lets start with the bibs, firstly the top of the range DRS models. These have been in Lusso kit bag for a couple of years now but that doesn’t mean they don’t perform at the top of their game. Recently I’ve had Castelli, Rapha, DHB, and Biemme. The DRS easily match the comfort and performance of all of them.

DRS Bibshorts

The shorts are of a more classic design with traditional shoulder straps rather than more modern flat elasticated type, again that doesn’t mean the function is not there. The upper bib is soft and breathable, great in warm summer days and give true all day comfort.

DRS Bibshort

The lower bib is made from a really nice compression fabric called ‘Celona’ straight out of Italy. I have to say it has the most luxurious feel I’ve every felt on a bib short (especially as compression materials normally feel quite rubbery) and the fabric is supposedly drag reducing as well (can’t say I go fast enough to notice!). The legs are finished off with 75mm silicon grippers that keep the legs in place really well, they also have 360 degree reflective details on the hem.

DRS Bibshort

Now to the pad, from Italian chamois maestros TMF, its an all day 8hr+ design. Its a multi density foam thats sculpted to have the right padding only where it needs to be, reducing rubbing and bunching. I’ve had a few long rides and its lived up to the promises, no saddle sores and no sore sit bones! Impressive.

The second set is the RS19 model. New for 2019 and designed as a race ready pair of shorts. Top half has modern flat elasticated straps, these lie flat over the shoulder and don’t bunch, and are my personal preference.

RS19 Bibshort
RS19 Bibshort

Lower half is a compression fabric (but not quite as strong as that of the DRS) with seamless leg grippers making them very comfortable. Almost to the point you don’t feel like you are wearing shorts because compression is continuous from hip to hem, ie no pinch points. All day shorts for sure.

Onto the jerseys, the fade, velocity, and mist mash styles. The fade and the velocity jerseys are of identical construction, Lusso’s R1 breathe design. This is the same for quite a few of their top jerseys, for good reason as its a great race oriented fit.

Fade Jesey
Fade Jersey
Fade Jersey

The R1 jerseys are lightweight and aero with laser cut sleeves and hems. They have solid enough construction and don’t sag when the pockets are loaded (tubes, gels, pump, wallet, keys, and so on) and has a SPA factor of 50+ so sunburn is off the agenda. I like the race cut as it fits well in the hammer position, but you don’t need your nose to the stem to find the fit. I’ve found them more than comfortable for long rides in a more relaxed position.

Velocity Jersey
Velocity Jersey
Velocity Jersey
Mishmash Jersey

The Mishmash jersey, although still in the R1 style, is slightly different to the Fade and Velocity jerseys. The material is a little more stretchy making for a really comfortable all day fit. It also has fabric arm grippers and slightly different hem grippers.

Mishmash Jersey

All the kit has washed well (been through more than 10 wash cycles each), kept it’s shape, stitching has stayed intact, and have retained colours. More than can be said of the Rapha kit I had that started to unravel itself in a couple of months. I’ve been very impressed, and its been an amazing privilege to be onboard as an ambassador.

Next thing I’m looking forward to is getting my hands on winter kit! some waterproof bibs and jacket to take on those horrible Sunday mornings in the driving rain. I must be a glutton for punishment, I love those days! Bring it on Lusso!

If you want some Lusso Kit and want a little discount, use Bournemouthcyclist15 at the checkout for 15% off.


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