Primera expo 2019

One of the wake up calls for me that the new year is coming (and I need to get my arse into gear for Xmas) is the annual Primera Expo. Rolling out of the next years bikes, and the clearing out of current.

The show is put on by Bournemouth bike shop Primera Sports, is free to enter, and supported by their suppliers.

In my opinion this year was a very good turnout for brands. As apposed to last year where it all felt a little thin on the ground. In attendance were Specialized, Cannondale, Orange, Pirelli, Hope, Kuota, Orbea, Bianchi, Muc Off, Pinarello, and BMC. Showing off from all disciplines, road, gravel, enduro, downhill, and whatever other names the brands have or their made up ride style. Does go to show the depth of coverage Primera offer through their stores (and maybe their varied client base locally and nationwide). There were also a couple of clothing stores, hydration and nutrition specialists, turbo trainer demonstrations, Jimmys iced coffee, breeze vw van centre showing of £60k camper vans (which if any of you follow the rules put the them way above what a cyclists should own!), and an insurance company specialising in cycling.

A good spread there, and thats not including one of the shows main draws. The past season clear out in the centre of the hall. Previous years I’ve stocked myself up with discount Castelli gear (not needed now Lusso is at the top of my list!) and drooled over bikes I still couldn’t afford even at greatly reduced prices. This year the offers were a little weaker but still plenty to get your fix from. Plenty of clothing and some great deals on bikes.

Anyway heres a few pics….

Overview of the sales area.
Cannodales new 2020 system six, dream bike!
The front end on Cannondales Monterra SE. Bonkers! is that a motocross bike?!?!?!?
Super Siz Evo. Another stunner of a bike. Im really thinking cannonade could be the next bike I own……….
Bianchi gravel bike in the mix…….
Bianchi new carbon road bike with drop seat stays. Is it even a road bike without them??
Hopes chainset on their full suspension frame.
Impressive claims made by Pirelli about the performance and longevity of their tyres models. Thoroughly checked by my assistant.
Impressive spread from orange.
Flat bar gravel bike from Orange. Great way to build a uk bike, and keeps options open for front end/braking/groupset.
Ben Moores E-Bike
Nice Colourway on the Orbea Enduro bike
Is a road frame even a road frame without drop seat stays?
Interesting camo paint job on this Kuota
Thats what you call a truck load of sales margin there……..
Pinarellos have never done it for me (maybe because of price Vs. far eastern manufacture), but the cockpit on these Dogmas is very tidy.
If Batman had a bike……
More drop seat stays! but theres no denying how good BMC bikes always look.
I know its a Specialized…. but I loved this.
An ultimate New Forest bicycle.
In house crank was pretty
XTR group, bet the new versions of this bike will be GRX shod.
“I like the disc brakes daddy”
Mad front end on this S-works.
these “head shocks” are getting everywhere
looks like a fair amount of tyre clearance…. maybe a skinny gravel tyre in there?
The MTB side of Specialized

Keep the show up Primera, its the best one south of London. See you next year….


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