Another great success for Wimborne Vintage Cycle ride

The post is running a little late but…….for the last three years Wimborne in Dorset has hosted a vintage cycle ride alongside the Vdub a the pub and Dorset goes vintage festivals. A group ride for aged cycles (and participants? heh) taking a nice scenic route around the beautiful countryside here in the heart of Dorset.

Its a great chance for all involved to get dressed up in vintage finery and period dress. For me that meant plimsoles, high white socks, woollen jersey, and cycling cap. It was a great mix in the rest of the field, we had ladies in either post war 50s dress or land girls costumes, and the guys in a variety ranging from army gear to chimney sweeps! there was no shortage of awesome bicycles on display either. We had vintage road bikes (like my ’54 Rotrax), custom build cruisers, drop bar dutch bikes, and getting a bit more steam punk we had trikes and tall bikes.

The route was picturesque and friendly for all abilities. Taking us through the centre of historic Wimborne, out to the charming villages of Sturminster Marshall and Shapwick then on to Kingston Lacey gardens where we stopped for a break. From there it was just a case of winding our way back through Wimborne and back to the show ground for the rewards, a cream tea! Although at the gentile pace we knocked out I reckon we were short of a few calories from justification…. but hey who cares!

All in all a well run event. Safe route, great marshalling (I have to say that I was one!), and a fantastic effort from all participating. If this sound like a bit of you then head to the DORSET GOES VINTAGE facebook page and get ready for next years bash.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Anyway heres some shots of the event courtesy of Dorset Goes Vintage.


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