Artcrank Bournemouth

Saturday saw international bicycle art exhibit Artcrank come to our very own Bournemouth. Artcrank was initially founded in 2007 as “A Poster Party For Bike People.”. They have featured over 2000 prints by artists worldwide both online and at pop up shows. Thats what went down last night at THIS Workspace located in the Echo building on Richmond Hill.

On display were prints for over 20 UK artists, all limited production. Each print was accompanied by a short bio, information on artists relationship with cycling and their inspiration for their design. The viewpoints on cycling were varied across the artists and made for a great mix of designs. Creative juices were fuelled by the artists affairs with commuting, crit racing, BMXing, childhood cycling, bicycles through time, and even bicycle messaging and fast food delivery. Mixed with their own individual styles it was hard to choose just one to take home. But hey thats the best thing about art, taking time to appreciate the artists work and finding the piece that really speaks to you.

THIS Workspace is a great location for a show of this kind. Just take a look at the pictures below, it’s visually inspiring itself. It also has a bar! Accompanying the show you could have your leather saddle tattooed, have your tote bag screen printed in front of your eyes, and eat great food dished up by Bournemouths first cycle cafe – Velo Domestique (and if you haven’t visited here you need to, go to the website to find out more.). Not Just an art show, and proper party vibe with a bicycle twist.

So what artwork did I go for then? turned the pedals for me? The print I took home really symbolised my life long enjoyment of riding a bike. How it still feels the same when I throw my leg over a bike now as it did when I first learned to balance, and that I’m always trying to go as fast as I can with no ability to restrain myself. It also reflected my hope that my kids enjoy cycling the way I do.

Artcrank exhibiting in Bournemouth may not sound that significant but for someone who has lived in this blue rinse conurbation since birth it really shows the towns progression to hopefully becoming one of the UKs leading cycling communities. Artcrank is a show that has visited cities across the United States, Paris, London and Manchester. This puts Bournemouth in some fairly lofty company. Talking to organisers Charles and Chris from Artcrank last night it was great to get their opinion on how they see Bournemouth for cycling. They remarked that in Minneapolis they saw change through increased spending in cycling infrastructure, bike share schemes, then cycle cafes popping up. All stepping stones to take them to one of the leading cycling cities in the US (competing with their frenemies Portland!). These are the exact things happening here in Bournemouth. Anyway thats a post for another day (watch this space!), cycling culture is growing in Bournemouth and I’m really happy about it.

Check out Artcranks website here for more information on upcoming exhibits or to buy posters online

See below for some shots of the event.

‘The Deakinator’s” DMR was on display courtesy of Muc Off, alongside some custom helmet designs.
The Miami Vice inspired colourway is very cool.
Matching lid for Ben Deakin
Prints were accompanied by a short bio and background into artists cycling life
Designs were awesome and varied, from the minimal to the super neon!
THIS Workspace lends itself perfectly to putting on shows of this kind
The print on the right will soon be gracing my sons bedroom wall. Hopefully spurring his pedalling legs into action! (obviously when he’s old enough!)
This is where the live screen printing went down.
Very smart but simple process producing impactful results
Wait, what!? is that a velociraptor on a velocipede?? COOL.
Artcrank, Thanks. Come back soon.

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