Ribble Store Birmingham

Had opportunity to head to Ribble Cycles boutique store in Birmingham’s Mailbox shopping centre this week. I was like a kid in a candy shop, there were some great pieces of kit on display.

Being a bit of a Ribble fan I had a good nose round their new range. They now have a bike for nearly all disciplines, that’s a big jump in models for what was primarily a road bike brand.

The staff were very polite and we had a good chat despite them not having a chance of me actually buying a bike on the day! The store is well worth a visit but don’t expect a full bicycle shop, this is more of a brand exposure exercise so don’t turn up wanting a service! Anyway feast you eyes on the below!

Cyclocross models looked fast.

Two women specific road bikes in the range by the look of things. Bike son the right are the Gran Fondo models.

I can spot and R872 on the right. Although Ribble have just released the latest model of this frame.

Last model R872, its fast.

New Endurance models.

New Electric road bike, best looking on the market in my opinion.

New titanium CGRTi, do it all titanium weapon.

Urban 725s, such a sweet frame.

A couple of custom colours, burn orange is identical to my R872.

And to finish the Ultra TT.

If you are in Bham, get yourselves over there!

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