Rolling through another year on two wheels!

Thanks to tempocyclist for the shoutout! Likewise for his content. Well worth following 👌🏼

Tempo Cyclist - Tasmania

Well that’s another year down rock stars. That went just a little too fast! Hope you all had a fantastic 2018 and got some decent miles in the legs and memories in the noggin. I knocked out few really memorable rides this year including a mind-clearing solo imperial century, my first ascent up the Hors Catégorie Mount Wellington and of course Sally’s Ride up in the North of Tasmania.

To finish off the year I treated the Kinesis Aithein to new cables and a 3T carbon bar. Once again there was a little bit of swearing involved to route the internal cables, but I think it was worth it.

With the Mavic  Ksyrium wheels it sits at 7.4kg (16.3lbs) including pedals and cages, not bad for an alloy frame. Shown above with the funky Roval 60’s off the Stealth she’s a little more portly at 7.65kg.

Finally, a huge…

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