Le Col Socks

Exciting post of the week! Socks. You can’t ride without em! Unless you are a triathlete, and that’s just weird.

I came by a couple of pairs of Le Col socks on a freebie, but it was just in time as the rest of my collection were well past their use by date! Saved me the job of shopping.

Ok socks are socks I hear you say, all you need is a hole for your feet to go in yeah? Maybe not. The Le Col socks feel a little different to what I’m used to. I’ve had socks by Castelli, Btwin, Crane, Specialized, DHB, the list goes on but the knit of these is unique. They use a honeycomb style weave and it makes the socks really comfy but well fitted (compression like in fact), with extra padded areas around the heel, arch, and toes. I’ve found them great for longer distances. They are a little thicker than the norm but still work really well as a summer sock, again the honeycomb knit makes them warm but breathable. Don’t know how warm they would in pure winter conditions but I’m sure I’ll find out soon!

Here’s some pictures for the foot fetishists.

As you can see they are cut as a mid length sock so come up halfway up your shin. Yes you can yank them up further if you want but don’t expect them to stay there!

If you need some new socks, you could do a lot worse. These are about as technical as you can make a sock without going silly!



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