Primera expo 2017

Today was the Primera Sports expo at the BIC, the shops opportunity to work with its suppliers to put on a totally free event showcasing new product for 2018 and clear out 2017 gear. Now I have been a little critical of Primera and this expo in the past, understandably so as well. I have received less than complementary service in the store before, when my road bike was slagged off by one of the members of staff, but as I grow older I realise that that’s just people and you can’t watch your staff like a hawk all the time. No business is infallible. I know this now, I have nearly 60 staff!

Actually on the couple of occasions I have visited Primera this year I have received very helpful service, and I will say it was good enough to change my mind.

We are very fortunate to have a free show in Bournemouth with such variety and support from importers and suppliers on the south coast. For example if you are looking at purely Bournemouth based distributors and companies you have Cycle sports group (Cannondale, sugoi), muc off, kitbrix, and precision hydration. Then further along the south coast you have Orro Bikes and Windwave (colnago). In addition great support from brands from all over the world (but hey they all just want to sell you kit though eh!), it really just adds up to a great event for bike nuts whether on road or off.

Here’s a few bikes that took my fancy:

And here’s my bargain of the hour (yes we did have to push in and race to the sale stuff straight away to nab these!) a castellated perfetto long sleeve jersey for £44. £131 saving over retail price…… bonkers.

Well my attitude has changed towards this show, yes I’m fully understand it’s just a way to clear out the old and bring in the new but, it’s free and it showcases some great product. The cycle industry needs to keep its momentum and shows like this do that, they make great kit affordable and grow interest in the latest tech.

See you next year!


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