Winter wind down starting at Velo Domestique

It’s been a busy year. Big changes and projects at work and getting to grips being a home owner. All with a super intelligent two year old wanting to know the ins and out of everything.

I sit writing this at the start of a week off, no rushing, no racing, no constant bombardment from staff, in a seat at my local cycle cafe Velo Domestique. Tucking into some pancakes, and boy they got em nailed.

Super fluffy with bacon cooked just right, could have done with an extra slice though! But maybe that’s just me being greedy.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here (see above!) and I can see that this little business is really taking off. Bikes, accessories, clothes, and coffee guru gifts galore. It’s nice to see, I sincerely hope this is a sign that the local community is changing its attitude towards cycling. Its a realistic way forward, but Bournemouth wake up!

Have also ridden the charge on its new wheels today, and it’s definitely different. Who would have though a 4mm extra internal width on the rim would have made such a change. Initial feeling is that the bike feels a lot surer footed, a bit more confidence inspiring. But I reckon ever so slightly less nimble, time will tell though it’s only been two miles!

So with a further 8 days holiday in December I’m making my plans for as much bike time as possible. But first I need to wind up all those little jobs at home to get onto the slow train…. oh and off to see Jamiroquai at the O2 Wednesday so maybe I have a few more days before I really switch off……. pancakes and bicycles is a good way to start though.

Ride on and Merry Christmas all!


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