February Fix Up

Sat at a desk yesterday, whilst shoving a chocolate bar down my throat, I was thinking about managing my time better to allow me to exercise more. I thought I need more of a routine, get back into some good habits, and to train back up to a level I’m happy with. We now have a treadmill at home, thanks to a kind donation of a colleague of mine, and this will help hugely. So a goal of exercising three times a week is realistic, and when I say exercise I mean at least a half hour of solid work. That I can do.

This started the brain working on potentially how I could amplify the results. What could I add to my exercise routine to improve its effectiveness? Well exercise is as much about recovery as it is the physical exertion so, thinking along those lines, how can I recover better? The immediate thought was remove the stimulants and the stressors, so my body only has to deal with the physical recovery. So I’m going to remove some things from my diet. Firstly caffeine. I have a long standing relationship with caffeine. I love coffee but my body and mind hate it. Combine it with stress and it’s a whole world of hurt, it can really exhaust me! Secondly to remove chocolate, well more specifically processed sugar products. Big sticky puddings, sweets and the like. Another thing that adds to fatigue, hyped up then crash! And if you don’t burn it off? Straight on your belly. Thirdly the processed carb bomb that is bread, another foodstuff to overload your digestive system, so yep that’s gone too! The last one is going to be a tough one. Alcohol. I’m a big craft beer and rum fan. I don’t ever drink in excess (at 33 I don’t take it as well as I used to!) but I love to have the odd beer of an evening to wind down. It has to go though!

I’m hoping these all add up to a nice little change for my little February personal challenge.

I’m going to weigh myself and see if that changes at all, and take a before and after picture to see if there is any note able differences to my body composition. Join in if you want!

Here goes!


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