Hengistbury Head 10k

As our time in Christchurch town centre comes to a close (impending house purchase) I though I’d get out and run a route that I’ve put off for a little while.

great route early on a sunday in summer

Out round Twynham school, across Tuckton bridge, round the river at wick, along the new crushed limestone path down the old tip road, and down the end of the head. From here it was up the steps to the top and back across the head. The wind here was savage today, must have been 20-25mph today. From there down to the hungry hike cafe, back along the tip road and round into Christchurch again.

Can you tell where the windy bit was?

A good fun run with plenty of views. Also a four or five other runners out before 8am on a Sunday was good to see! Although I was the only one running shirtless. What’s the etiquette there? I was massively overheating with my Nike compression top on so shoved it in my shorts (round the back! Don’t get ideas). It felt great to run shirtless, but hey it’s not one for the winter!

Hengistbury Head is a gorgeous location to run with plenty of trails to cover. Get yourself up there! I wish I had sooner.

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