Sunday 60

It’s only taken until September! But I popped in my first 60 mile ride of the year. That shows how few events, and how little time I’ve actually had for cycling this year! But hey when you have a daughter nearing one, and are buying a house….. Somethings gotta give!

Happy with yesterday’s outing. Especially seeing as Saturday was spent breaking up a 10ft square concrete kitchen floor, shifting into a skip, digging the floor out for new screed, shifting into a skip, and then mixing and laying new screed. Oh and then I went running Sunday. Obviously the perfect setup for a 60 mile ride. 

Feeling pretty stiff in the morning I headed out around 11 when I had loosened up. Heading out I felt OK but after reaching around 10 miles the lactate was starting to build if I pushed it. So I had a further 50 miles of management to go. A case of using gears, not the grunt!

Pretty happy with the average speed going by my weekend activities.

Anyway next thing is to get the house sorted…. Garage? Yes! Pain cave? Yes! Become a monster over the winter? That’s the plan…….

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