Flandrian Best……IN JULY!

Today is the first time I have had available to me since Eroica to get a ride in, so I was looking forward to it! Have fitted my new Specialized Turbo Cotton tyres, carried out a couple of bar and stem changes, and generally prepared the Ribble for some summer riding. All was in place.

But I forgot about the weather……

As it is July you kind of expect to be able to chuck on your bibs and jersey and go cycling. Not in the UK it seems. Today I ended up in full Flandrian best. Castelli Nanoflex bibtights, Nike pro combat base, arm warmers, Black Dog jersey, Waterproof gilet, overshoes, cap, and long fingered gloves.

Not only did I end up dressed like I was training in winter, I rode the winter bike. There’s no way I was taking out a brand new pair of high thread count, super slick , fabric walled tyres in the wet. No matter how desperate I am to try them. So it was onto the mudguarded, steel, singlespeed weapon!

Need to trim that beard.
This bike just stonks around, and it doesn’t climb too badly.

Whats wrong with the weather!!!! Still I was dead happy to be out on the bike.

Today’s route was 22 miles into the forest taking in Bransgore, Burley, Crow, Sopley, and Burton. Had myself a few PBs as well, nearly beating my time up Braggers lane which is a local favourite of mine.

Forecast is looking up for the next week with more high pressure on its way……. maybe I will get to test those tyres……

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