An unwanted setback

After being nearly starved of cycling for the last three weeks I was super keen to get out Sunday. Obviously too keen. Jumped on the winter bike and immediately felt strong, so gave it a bit of a belt. Acquired a few PRs whilst out as well.

Later in the evening I started to get a little pain from my right calf muscle. Rubbed in some muscle recovery cream, thought nothing of it and went to bed. Woke up still a little sore, but carried on to work as it was only a little twinge when I walked.

Jump in the shower this morning to find a hefty great bruise on my right calf muscle.

Please tell me thats not my leg?

That’s right, I’ve torn my calf.

I’ve never had an injury of this type before. Reading into it, it looks like I have two weeks off any exercise. RICE apparently, rest, ice, compression, elevation.

It’s a good job the tour is on. I’m gutted. But I suppose that will teach me to warm up properly.

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