Rotrax Refurb Begins

This bike was a bit of a gift, a 1950s Rotrax is definitely not something that you just go out and buy, it was one of the bikes I rescued from the crusher earlier this year. The circulation was limited, and each one (bar the later introduced off the peg ‘Shirley’ model) was a custom build for the owner. The quality of this frame build is as good as any of the time. It was just the project I have been looking for.

This model, I believe, is a ‘Super Course’ but, it has very familiar lug design to that of the ‘Concours’ model. I’ve a fair idea of how i want it to go, period restoration and fixed gear using British components. Need to figure out how I want to paint it though, single colour, with or without lug lining, contrasting lugs or tubes, chroming? Too many options.

Bike is currently running Constrictor rims on BH airlite hubs, Dumlop tyres, GB seatpost, and GB Maes bars and Hiduminium stem that i picked up at this years Eroica Britannia.

Patina is not the look im going for…. great base though.


GB Maes bars and Hiduminium stem.

Most of the parts are rallied, well it looks like a bike, but I’m in need of a crank set, chain, fixed cog, and saddle to make it ride able. To keep it period I’m looking at a set of Stronglight cranks and a Brooks saddle, they will set it off nicely. The wheels will have to be rebuilt, want to strip and polish the hubs and rims, and assemble with new correctly gauged spokes. Now that a point for the purists!

A rather cool build project. Its going to be light, fast, and good looking……. just like its owner!

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