Specialized Turbo Cotton Tyres

As geeky as it sounds I’m quite excited by this. I’ve got my hands on some Specialized Turbo Cotton tyres. These are Specialized’s top of the range, pro peloton level cotton clincher tyre (for when tubulars aren’t used) and are marked on the sidewall with “For the Connoisseur”. Something a little special then, even if a little arrogant.

My 3 year old 3000 ish mile Schwalbe Ultremo tyres were well due replacement. They sound like I’m rolling on a fat bike, the sidewalls have threads hanging our making them look like Wurzel Gummidge’s neckline, and there’s enough cuts to make them resemble Freddy Kruger’s face. Knackered!

With all the hype surrounding increased tyre size having reduced rolling resistance I wanted to go as large as I possibly could in the Ribble’s frame, but without being silly, to test out the thinking. My next tyre choice was always going to be a high thread count affair as I now run a winter bike, meaning longevity, puncture resistance, and maintenance weren’t too high of concerns. I could also, within reason, throw caution to the wind with the cost.

The spec of the tyres I have chosen is as follows: They are sized at 700c x 26, made from 320 tpi cotton carcasses, have a strip of Specialized Blackbelt puncture protection, and their super grippy Gripton tread. They weigh in at 230g and cost £50 a shot.

I have also purchased a tube of Aquasure polyurethane sealant to coat the sidewalls with in an effort to keep them at least looking new. Might get them coated up this weekend and fitted over the week, Aquasure needs 12 hours to cure, so I’ll let you know how I get on with them!

Mmmm shag pile…..


  1. These are meant to be SUPER fast! But don’t expect too many miles out of them compared to some other fast clinchers. I bet these will feel awesome out on some smooth tarmac! I’ve got the non-cotton Turbo tyres waiting to go on my TT bike soon.

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    1. Oh yes I’m under no illusions over lifespan! Hoping for 2000 over the summer if I’m lucky. Just dying to get out on them…. Have a stinker of a cold at the moment.


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