It’s eroica time! LIVE!

All packed, bike racks built, bikes prepped, vintage dress sorted, and one more sleep left. Tomorrow we are off to Eroica.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since the last. We have had a busy one.

This time last year saw me and Charlie,my heavily pregnant wife, taking a 275 mile, 4 hour car journey to the Peak District so I could indulge a hobby of mine. Vintage bicycles. I admit it, I love restoring and riding aged bikes. There’s the pure simplicity that you don’t get with most modern machines. The build quality is there, they weren’t mass produced, the parts were built to last, and they had a real laid back but speedy feel inherent to steel. Don’t get me wrong I love charging about on my full carbon sub 7kg road bike, but hey running an errand on a 50s singlespeed instead of using a car tops up my grin bank nicely.

Since then we’ve had the arrival of the beautiful Evangeline Street, learned a lot about being parents, had the whole family over for Christmas, we’ve moved to a little house in Christchurch, and been to the states for two weeks. What a great year.

This weekend marks a year from when I was inspired to start writing this blog (admittedly it took me another month to get my act together! But hey I did it, right?) and it’s been fun. Plus I’ve also learned a hell of a lot about social media! Keeping up with the times eh!

Tomorrow we will be on the same journey to the same cottages in Buxton, this time with family, to have a great social weekend.

Take a look at my new Facebook page Bournemouth Cyclist to keep up with more local news, links, and my general likes. I’m also going to try and live broadcast from the show on Saturday and the ride on Sunday.

Maybe see you there!

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