Blog Facets – Live coming soon!

Today I have delved into the Facebook side of social media in a way that is slightly less voyeuristic (because that’s what Facebook is for yeah? stalking people?) and more akin to that of WordPress.

I’ve set up a Bournemouth Cyclist Facebook page, CLICK HERE TO VIEW, to add another facet to this blog. Its very much in its infancy and I need to figure out how it all works, but its got to pretty easy right? the Kardashians have them! The main part of Facebooks appeal is the live broadcasting. Now this isn’t to say that I’m expecting/hoping to be the Dermot O’Leary of cycling, I’m just thinking this would be a good way to have a bit of fun with the blog and to throw in some extra ways of conveying and covering things. Hey you may even see me with a handlebar mounted camera climbing or descending, broadcasting from a show, or just taking a look round a bike or shop. What’s the worst that can happen? No one watches!

Seeing as I’m at Eroica Britannia this weekend, it would a be a shame not to test it out……. and if anyone has any tips……

See you soon….. LIVE

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