Mud dock bristol

Found myself in Bristol with work today so took the opportunity, with a much needed lunch break, to pop into the renowned Mud Dock. Mud Dock are in their 20th year and it’s no surprise why. They have a great location, fantastic brands, and the right staff. I had noticed an old friend of mine on Facebook posted  frequently about Mud Dock and figured he was a regular or maybe even staff. Fancy my surprise when I was greeted with a handshake and a familiar smile, it turns out James was now the manager.

The cycle showroom was very impressive with all disciplines, accessories, and spares covered. James pointed out some great deals on cycling shoes as I’m in the market for a new pair, with Bonts, Giro, and Specialised at fair reductions. Now I’ve just got to convince the wife! Maybe a trip to Cabot circus might help…..

I love what the owners have done here, integrating and merging cycling into popular cafe culture. Yes it’s a business that’s feeding off the recent boom in cycling over the last few years but you still have to get it right. Anyone that’s trying to get more people cycling is alright with me!

As I only had an hour there was only enough time for a quick catch up and look round, no time for food, so this can only mean i have an excuse to head back in for a second trip! Looking forward to it already…..


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