Imitation clothing

I fell foul to it. Last year I purchased some Ferrari Cipollini replica Castelli winter gear from eBay. The kit comprises of a Roubaix lined long sleeve jersey and Roubaix bib longs with a cool max pad. Adorned with logos that couldn’t possibly be under licence legally they certainly look the part, but the fit leaves a little to be desired. I don’t know who they measured when they cut these but they must be built like Froomey. They are a tight fit. The length is right but there’s little give in the fabric so pulling the bibs on is a chore. I’m by no means obese and matched myself to the sellers online fit guide for a medium. This also means the pad doesn’t sit perfectly, plus it’s almost like they bought a bulk of large pads and sewed them into all sizes. The jersey isn’t too bad, but it’s basic and doesn’t come far enough down my back for my liking. There are no posh grippers on the ankles, hem or wrists, just elasticated cuffs, but there are zips on the bibs.

Now from what I’ve written so far you would think I had wasted my time and money. But, and there is a big but, the kit it did its job today. The pad was comfortable enough over 30 miles, the jersey held all my bottle and phone fine, the sleeves didn’t roll up, the ankle zips stayed put, and most importantly I stayed warm. The big differences between genuine and ‘replica’ are the quality of materials, if the bibs had more stretch they would fit better, and the technical touches, like no silicon grippers on the hem of the jersey. I can see why they shift so many sets online as they get you by and not everyone has a never ending budget. But they are nowhere near the match for the real thing. Would I buy cheap Chinese again? Possibly, it’s by no means a no, but I would research the fit and materials better and never invest large sums in it!

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