Exustar e-pr100pp pedals review

The pedal with the worlds longest model number! I’ve been running a set of these on the charge for about a year now and have absolutely no regrets. My choice of these pedals was lead by the impressive specification for the money, and Look Keo compatability.

The pedals feature a composite body, sealed Cr-mo axles with an outer bushing and inner sealed bearing. This design allows the pedal to have a nice low profile and saves weight. With a single pedal weighing in at a quoted 127g they are great for the weight weenie.

On the bike they are a good looking pedal and are available in both black and white bodies so will suit nearly all builds. They have a nice positive engagement and easy adjustment for retaining strength. In comparison to my other pedal set, Look Keo Classic 2 limited edition, there is next to nothing to separate the two in ride feel. They have been very reliable and haven’t developed any play in the bearings or in clasp after a year of use so have lasted well. All of this for circa £25 from eBay……. It’s difficult to see why you would pay more! I’m very happy with mine.

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