25 minutes of punishment

Have been venturing to a circuits class on Monday nights for the last two months hosted by Dan Broadwell. Dan is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and sports masseuse. I joined the circuits class to help shed a bit of body fat and to add another way of training in the time I have available.  

Circuits has been going pretty well and have noticed a difference in core strength. It’s also had a nice effect on lower body strength. The majority of the exercises are body weight based with a good mixture of sprints and jogs thrown in for good measure. So adds a nice little extra to the routine and works the part of your body that cycling doesn’t get to!

Last week Dan mentioned another of his classes, metafit, was starting it’s winter run and if I enjoyed circuits and wanted a challenge I should pop along. Metafit is solely body weight based training with a lot of plyometrics.

The session started with Dan giving us a heads up on a few of the exercises as the class moves pretty quickly. Dan starts the music and the countdown begins. The exercises are arranged in a pyramid, first lasting 30 seconds, then 8 second rest, second lasting 25 seconds, 8 second rest, third 20 seconds, 8 second rest, fourth 15 seconds, then a 25 second rest before the timings reverse. This goes round three times with a total of 12 different exercises, then into the finisher. Another pyramid with 1 single exercise. A real punisher!

Metafit is a 25 minute full on, near enough break less workout. It was tough but I really enjoyed it and was buzzing for a good hour afterwards. The real pain starts now tho with a nice dose of DOMS!

I will definitely be back to metafit.

Dan runs his circuits classes every Monday from 7pm for an hour, and his metafit on Thursday at 6:45pm for half an hour. They are held at St. Peter’s school gym in Southbourne.

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