The sports nutrition cupboard

We all have one. Usually its stuffed full of half finished tubs of recovery drink, free sample hydration tablets from sportives, diet protein powder, and more water bottles than in the hedge rows of the Grand Tours. All there in the strange belief that a tablet is going to turn us into Lance Armstrong (but that’s an entirely different conversation!)

Mine has been invaded!

With the arrival of baby Eva it seems no part of the flat is sacrosanct……………..

My recovery routine will now involve Seven Seas pregnancy follow on, Aptamil formula, and toddler vitamin D drops.

What you cant see are my normal go to’s. These are all based on my almost inability to have any kind of highly manufactured sports nutrition without suffering chronic bloating and heartburn. I use High5 Zero and SiS Go energy for mid ride hydration, Decathlons Aptonia cereal bars and Fruit and Play gels (essentially puréed fruit) for mid ride, and SiS REGO for recovery (that or a flipping great pizza!).  None of the above seem to give me any issues with my stomach, mid ride bloat is never a good thing, which makes for more comfortable distance rides.

Anyway I think I need to renegotiate my small section of the kitchen…….

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