Cannondale Slate

Cannondale have decided that there is a gap left in the market, the gap is just between a cyclo cross bike and a hard tail MTB, but the gaps so slim they had to put drop bars and 42c tyres on it to get it in there……..

The Slate gets 30mm travel Lefty forks strapped onto an essentially MTB geometry frame with 650b wheels (the new fad wheelsize?).

Riding a bike on the drops is tricky enough anyway. Riding off road on the drops with the Slates slowed steering geometry or even on the bars with no access to the brake levers without changing hand position……… sounds like a recipe for a lot of hard work and washed out front wheels.

Don’t get me wrong as I would quite like to give one a go, prove me wrong! but I cant see how it fits in really……….. and I don’t see that other manufacturers will be jumping on the bandwagon. Hybrid bikes are for old people yeah?

Bike pictured is the Slate Force CX1

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