Beaulieu International Auto Jumble…. Or should that be ‘Bicycle Jumble’?

With the sun beaming through the curtains and awake by 6:30am I chanced my luck asking Charlie if she fancied going to the Beaulieu International Auto Jumble today. The reply I got surprised me seeing as she is four days over our baby’s due date, “no I’m OK, but you can go along if you want”. So up and out and at the gates of the Motor Museum for 8:30am.

I had an ulterior motive – I’ve picked up bikes here before. I’m a bit of a car nut and enjoy home mechanics, but its on previous visits that I’ve noticed bikes around and had a rummage, however never having visited solely for the purpose of bikes. Not like today. With the height of Eroica at the moment, a lot of vintage dealers are getting wise and cashing in. I’ve never noticed so many vintage bicycles at this event before, and as a self confessed vintage steel lover (currently owning only one but having completed 6 rebuilds for others already this year – builds coming soon) I was in luck. Personally I don’t think you can beat the ride feel. It may not be the fastest (its not always about going fast is it?) but gives a great look and can lead to some really well constructed frames and builds.

With fear that this blog is fast becoming a homage to Reynold tubed bikes….. here are some pictures I’ve snapped today.

A pair of his and hers Coventry Eagles, great original condition. Reynolds 531 and £175 each, bargains.

These two above were pretty special. On the left we have a Look frame with separated seat tube to give a really short wheelbase. On the right we have a Vitus 979. Both were kitted out with early Ultegra equivalent. £300 each.

On the left unbranded single speed, on the right a Denoit with Mavic rims and Mafac brakes.

The bike on the left here is a dream bike for me, its a Curly Hetchins, but was a little out of my price range at £950. On the right were the biggest bargains of the show, a selection of French bikes with a Val de Loire at the front and two Roold ladies mixties. None of these bikes were over £65, I would have bought the lot if I had the space!


Piles of vintage components. Boxed Ofmega competition pedals for £30 a pair(cheap), but used Campagnolo Nuovo Record rear dérailleur £120 (extortionate). Pricing was a bit out. On the right one of the Roolds.

Vintage frames, this seller had an H.R Morris and a BSA, and some nice Campagnolo components. On the right, the commute on that must have been painful…….

Some more vintage oddities, Quad wheeled tandem!

£45 for the Nuovo Record dérailleur. On the right a 90s KHS, not very common.


Now here’s a find. An Alan R30 Carbonio for £200 in 56cmx56cm size. How tired is it though? Then we have a modernised Carlton and BSA.


Some weird but nicely restored petrol driven Whitlay and a brace of Raleigh Superbes.

On the right a nice Falcon with Mavics and Mafacs, would make a nice restoration.


Another Falcon, this one a Team Equip in Reynolds that had had a partial restorartion.


On the right a Hermes, this was quite quirky as it had a slide out tool box built into the pannier rack and a 2 speed kickback coaster hub.

A nice Mercier frame, and on the right a modern Chopper, there were quite a few of these. Rubbish!

And to finish a Geo. W Stratton and a Carlton Corsa.

I wasn’t expecting to find such an array of vintage bicycles today, maybe just the odd old bike that someone was clearing out, but the choices were there. Maybe some of the pricing was a bit spurious but then no one expects to pay asking price at one of these shows, so a haggle wouldn’t be off the cards. If I was a little more prepared maybe I would have moved on a bicycle or two beforehand and picked up a new project…….. oh well there’s always next year, lets hope that look is still there!

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