Well, it’s been a while…..

I couldn’t actually remember the last time I had written a blog post, I had to check. It’s been a 4 month hiatus. The longest break I’ve had from scribbling down my cycling related commentary and spouting less than industry quality product reviews 😅 but with good reason…….

Work. Let’s get this out the way first. In these times work is tough, with little respite. So staring at a laptop screen for a couple of hours in an evening hasn’t been top of the “wind down” activities list.

Cycling. Well with the longer summer evenings and a decent Zwift setup I’ve actually had a decent chance to get some miles in. And come on, we would all rather riding than writing eh?

Side project. This is the main distraction and the one I am most pleased to share with you. I have been helping some friends launch Epico. What? I hear you say…. Epico is a market leading cycle touring and holiday website. Think lastminute.com but for cycling holiday.

Let’s take a look….

A quick screenshot of the mobile site…. good eh…

Epico is your place for cycle tour content. Be it with stories direct from the pro peloton, detailed destination information, cycle travel tips and guides, ride routes with downloadable gpx, and of course the best tours from the most desirable cycling destinations around the world. It’s the place to go.

Head to http://www.epico.life and check us out!

So I would love you guys to see what we have been working on (and what’s been keeping me distracted!), and hey now that things are starting to open up again maybe book a tour with us!

Oh and normal service will be resumed on the blog soon….. I have a load of stuff to share…. 4 months worth 😅.


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