Bbb fullvieW

New specs alert! I’m lucky to have a set of the new BBB full view sunglasses. Happy about that, the previous full view model was great. I’m a real fan of rimless shades for cycling as they really do open up the field of vision, for example when riding in the hammer position as the upper rim can obscure your view – not a problem here.

So times, tech, and fashions change and this is whats brought about the update to the full views. Im a big fan of their new styling…….

The full views come with a sturdy case and three lenses: tinted, low light, and clear. They are easily changed and the nose piece gives great adjustment (needed if you have a hooter like mine!).

The full views have fully adjustable nose piece and comfortable, flexible, rubber coated arms that keep them in place without raising pressure on your head. Great for long rides.

A feature packed pair of specs that come in at a great price, and its VFM that always rings true with me. Expect a load more selfies in my installed in the summer!

Check out BBBs range here! I bought mine through Windwave and used Windwave10 at the checkout for 10% off.


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