Absolute black brand ambassador role

Quick entry to let you know that I am now an ambassador for absoluteBLACK. So I will be sharing my experience with their products on my page from time to time.

Don’t know who absoluteBLACK are? They primarily engineer and manufacture some of the best chainrings money can buy, both standard round and oval.

Before I jumped onboard as ambassador I’ve had great experience with their products, I already use one of their chainrings on my singlespeed bike. I find it really extends the range on that one gear, and helps reduces fatigue. Long term test results for this coming up soon.

AbsoluteBLACK oval on my winter singlespeed

I have recently changed to an absoluteBLACK oval chainring on my Ribble R872, initial impressions are exactly what I expected going from previous history. Very happy so far and blog post is in the works.

AbsoluteBLACK going on the Ribble

To find out more on why replacing those chainrings with oval ones is well worth it, head to the absoluteBLACK website HERE.

Look forward to showing you more!



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