Gravel bike build continues…..

Hi all! I’ve had some bits of the build delivered…….

Open wide!
Swanky bar holder

I now have the ability to ream my seat post…… and mount my bars in a sexier fashion. Oh….. and I also scored some wheels…..

Mavic open pro 32h rims laced onto some lightweight hubs… lets take a closer look.
Oh, yes. That’s right….. cycling royalty right there.

Yep thats right…. CHRIS KING HUBS, the hubs I coveted growing up, built onto Mavic open pro using Sapim spokes. The gravel build got an upgrade! these wheels should shave almost a kilo off the wheel weight!

It’s going to be interesting to see where the weight will end up on this bike. Going weight weenie wasn’t the goal on this build but it seems to be happening without intention. Shaving a kilo from the wheels, hundred grams from the seat post, maybe a hundred grams from the stem, and maybe fifty grams by going for a lightweight headset. When you add that up, thats safely into the weight of a decent carbon fibre frame. Thats a big saving…. the bike should suddenly become quite lively!

Next port of call is getting it painted. I’ve settled on the powder coat route, but I’ve not settled on a colour. I visited the powder coaters last week to chat over some colour options but unfortunately they didn’t have record of exactly what stock they have. So it’s down to me (as it rightly should be) to hunt online for a colour, then ask them to see if they have it. At this point I’m open to suggestions! So please feel free to comment below with your ideas. The powdercoaters (PowderTec on the chalwyn industrial estate in Poole) are a RAL stockist, so this is the colour palette of choice. So far I’ve had suggestions of the following……

RAL 1021…. the oddly named rape yellow (probably suggested because of how inappropriate the name could be!)
RAL 4003 Heather violet…… I like this…..
RAL 5025, Perl Gentian Blue….. I like this and the name is superb!

Three colours I like a lot, that will rally work with my all black parts build as well. Would love your suggestions……. but hey this may be a while until its done with the coronavirus outbreak….. but thats a post for another day.

That wraps this up for now!



    1. Oh I know, but they could have called it rapeseed yellow. Some pathetic people like to make a joke of these things still. We grow loads of rape in the U.K. and bizarrely we then change the name to vegetable oil when it’s bottled 🤷🏼‍♂️


  1. Hi Jon, i found your blog while looking for info for a Dawes Street Style. I bought one for a few euros here in bavaria in very good condition and it’s waiting in my shed to get stripped down and sold in parts. It is the very same frame built from Reynolds 501, styled as a trekking bike. All is original and bearly used with a trekking bar in the same colour as the frame, a deep metallic blue and black Shimano LX 7-speed, i guess 1994 or 1995. If you want i send you a picture for your amusement.
    Now why am i posting that comment: I like your blog a lot but I do not like your idea to get that frame powdercoated at all. I would never do that for I really prefer the original look.
    Thats all. Greetings from Bavaria!


    1. Hi Roland! Thanks for reading. Yes that’s exactly how my bike started, I still have all the finish kit so I could put it back to standard straight away if I want. I completely understand where you are coming from on not powder coating as i love the original colour as well. I may still keep it as it is!


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