Lusso windtex overshoes

In the winter theres one piece of clothing cyclists will be super grateful for……….. the overshoe. For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a new pair to replace my old Alturas that split in November. I was gifted the Lusso Windtex Stealth overshoes.

My beautiful wife clearly did her research and picked up these ‘best of test’ (on Items for me. I’d been dropping hints for a while as my three year old ones had given up the ghost. And it worked!

So there’s not a huge amount to write about a pair of overshoes really but there are two main concerns. Do they a. Keep my feet warm? And b. Keep my feet dry? Yes is the answer to both of those. But let me tell you how the WindTex do it.

First call is the fabric. The WindTex fabric that gives shoes their name is lightweight, breathable, thermal roubaix backed, water resistant, and has a windproof membrane running through its core. So does it all really, apart from being fully waterproof. But when it’s that wet a pair of velotoze over the top will see you right. I’ve used these since Xmas and my feet have stayed warm and dry on nearly all rides, on only a couple of longer jaunts (40 miles plus) on the coldest days did my toes get a little chilly. But in their defence I’ve only paired them with summer socks so far.

The design and construction is pretty good with strong stitching and reinforced toe and heel areas, I scuffed the toe on my very first ride and it took it pretty well.

They fit well and stretch over the double boas on my sworks6 shoes without catching, the elasticated strap across the sole is sturdy and fits around your choice of cleats nicely. I prefer a single elastic sole strap rather than double Velcro straps as it’s more simple, lighter, and won’t come undone or catch in your pedals.

Fastening at the back of the shoe is taken care of by a single zip. When I initially saw this I was dubious that it would keep the shoes done up, all my previous overshoes had a closing Velcro strap across the zip. One overshoe has came undone on me but purely because I didn’t close the zip properly, on all other rides the shoes have stayed firmly zipped up. This is down to the zips having a built in spring that holds them in place against the teeth.

All text on the overshoes is reflective and there are reflective strips sewn in along the zip as well. Apart from being fully waterproof these have it all covered. They are snug fitting, lightweight, and warm. I can totally understand why they have been given great reviews by the big mags. Buy a pair! I did. They were one of the driving forces of my application for a Lusso brand ambassadorship. Lusso accepted my application and made me a very happy cyclist! (More on this soon).

Check these overshoes out on WWW.LUSSO.BIKE in the accessories section. Hey why not use the discount code Lusso10 for 10% off at checkout.


  1. I just got my first set of overshoes this winter and was really looking forward to some toasty toes. But I’m amazed to not see that much benefit. Feet still cold and wet after a ride…. Decathlon B’Twin overshoes. Am I missing something??


    1. There’s got to be something wrong there. How tight fitting are the overshoes? Do your shoes have vents in the soles? How tight are you doing up your shoes? Do the overshoes have a wind proof membrane? Are they waterproof? How many seams do they have? Are the seams taped?


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