Reid Argon first impressions

Who’d have thought just wittering on about what you love would reward you with the chance to do more? Not me! But hey it has! I was lucky enough to be contacted by the guys at Reid Bikes, who have their head office here in Bournemouth, and offered the opportunity to test some of their new bikes. First one up is the Argon. One of their new 29er range.

It’s alloy framed front suspension xc bike built on an entry level performance ethos. Take a look!

It will be my steed for my upcoming off-road duathlon this weekend, so I’ve been out testing and setting it up for the day. I’m quite impressed so far! Tech has come a long way since the early 2000s when we were all rocking mavic d521 wheels and marzocchi bombers. Oh and hope c2 brakes if you were flush!

This Argon has felt fast and fresh, and I’m confident for the event this weekend. It looks good and the spec feels solid, giving me confidence to train straight away. Looking forward to getting more miles in, and racing, on it! I’ll report back soon with a full write up.


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