Duathlon dreams now a reality? – RED October is off

I’m clearly slow at realising my dreams, about two years ago I made the decision I wanted to enter a duathlon. On Sunday I actually made a positive step towards this. I completed a sprint distance duathlon before breakfast, in preparation for an upcoming off-road event.

I’ve had to give up on my challenge of RED October, work unfortunately got in the way with an 18hr day leaving me no chance. Which is a shame. So picked myself up and turned my attentions to the duathlon. In reality I want to complete a triathlon but I swim like a brick and need professional help on that side of things!

Sunday at 6:46am I set off on my first run of the morning, 3 miles. Nothing special as have regularly run 5ks in the past. Then transferred to the road bike for 13 miles. This felt weird, I felt nicely warmed up but muscles I use for cycling weren’t activated so the pace wasn’t there immediately. The run warm up worked though and the pace came in quicker than if I was out on the bike solo. With that over it was back on the ground again for the final 2 miles. This was the eye opener! initially it felt horrible with my hip flexors seemingly being made of concrete but after half a mile they had freed up. The last mile was the fastest run that day!

All things considered it felt pretty good. My legs were in bits on monday as I haven’t run in over month, but I got round with no stopping! I ran in cycling bib shorts and jersey and, despite what I’ve read online, the bibs didn’t feel like I was running in a nappy! I did consciously choose my shorts with the softest most flexible pad and coated them with chamois cream.

The event I’m going to enter is in a months time and I’m sure I can add some speed into my runs. Now to get my kit together! one thing ticked off the list though is the bike. I’ve been lucky enough to be lent a bike by Reid Cycles who, despite not yet distributing in the UK, have their international sales office here. So a 29er is my steed, just need to get used to it, so expect some shots and a post race review.

Wish me luck!


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