Aldi special buys – Crane Neoprene gloves and merino headband

Aldi cycling special buys have become a bit of a thing of legend in the U.K., with some really good pieces of kit at next to no money. I normally can’t get through one of these events without adding more stuff to my collection, the latest wasn’t an exception. I’m not fussy on brands (although I do have clear preferences from experience), I respect the job the product does for the price you pay. ALDIs return on investment is always up there.

This events purchases were a pair of neoprene gloves and a merino blend headband.

Neoprene gloves

Basic in design, these are essentially wetsuit material gloves. Available in neon yellow or black, I opted for the black versions. They have a textured rubber finish on the palm for grip and reflective detail on the back of the hand for visibility.

I like the fit and the neoprene is nicely padded all over. They go far enough up your arm to fit inside your jacket well and the fingers were just the right length. So pretty good! I’ve taken these out a couple of times and they were comfortable and grippy, although a little warm! Maybe a little too early season and I haven’t tried them on the wet yet so yet to see their full capacity. Great value for £10, especially if you google Assos and Castelli’s versions.

Merino headband

Not a lot to say about this really. A merino blend band of material that goes around your head to keep your ears warm. Its twin ply so kind of like a sock sewn into a loop. Wicks moisture away nicely and keeps your ears warm without roasting your head alive. Something I’ve found an issue with caps. Another nice benefit is it’s ability to keep wind noise down, generally in winter the breeze is stronger and it whistles about your ears with force meaning you can’t hear anything but. This almost removes that. Another good buy at £7, easily as good as more expensive versions.

Well done again Aldi!


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