The road to Eroica 2018

Well the cats out the bag, we are off to Eroica for my brothers Stag! Not being able to talk about this has been murder! We have a great place to stay and a great team, and plenty of surprises in store.

This does mean a rush of preparation of bikes though….. I’m currently busting my balls to get my Rotrax ready, a friends bike, and sort out everything else that’s going into it!

The Rotrax is coming on……

Nearly there though! Now to get all the plans in place and make sure all are ready for 60 miles in the Peak District.

First time for me at the Friden Grange site but I’ve heard good things and the risk of big trotting is removed!

Let’s hope this weather keeps up! It’s looking a little shakey for the weekend but I’m sure it will be on our side.

Maybe see you there! Chapeau!

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