Assos Chamois Crème

Out in Mallorca and realised I had left my chamois cream at home. Doh! The rides over here are know for being arduous and probably not to be ridden without some crotch lube.

I was kind of forced into this purchase as it was the only chamois cream in stock at the hotels on site shop Bimont. Not disappointed though.

I wasn’t expecting to be, this is Assos after all. Not exactly something you can get really excited over but nevertheless chamois cream is something if forgotten or of poor quality will ensure you have a solid supply in your sports cupboard. Previous experience has left that mental scar!

So the Assos Crème (not cream obviously!) is light and non greasy almost like moisturiser but it has that final protective layer feel you need. It goes on both pad and posterior well and gives a cool menthol tingle, quite enjoyable! Loads in the tub and I reckon there’s enough to do about twenty applications.

I used this for two rides in Mallorca, Formentor and Sa Calobra. I came back with zero rubbing or rashes so I rate this cream highly. Does the job well and can be for £10 on the internet, if you need some chamois cream it’s definitely worth buying.


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