Happy bottom bum butter

Well there’s a way to get noticed! What a name. It’s one of cyclings better attempts at a bit of marketing fun mainly because it’s actually attached to a pretty good product.

Happy bottom bum butter is an all natural chamois cream manufactured by a guy called Charlie the Bike Monger here in Dorset. It’s vegan so contains zero animal products, is made from all natural products, has and awesome smell (could substitute it for vicks vaporub!), and also has pain relieving, antibacterial, and healing properties.

I’ve been using this since the start of the year for my turbo trainer sessions. As you know turbo trainer sessions can be super uncomfortable, the bike does not move naturally with your body, you don’t get out of the saddle, you just grind away. I find I suffer with more soreness in an hour on the turbo than I would out on the road.

Bum butter is different from most chamois creams that I’ve used before in the sense that it’s quite light. Similar to a coconut oil product. It melts into your hand so is pretty easy to apply, so no roughing up patches of hair with thick cream! I apply it directly to me then clean my hands on the chamois pad so as to not waste anything. I apply a generous amount but it does go a long way so the tub should last pretty well.

So how’s my undercarriage? Very good! Whilst I still have a mild tenderness you are bound to get from daily saddle work, I don’t have any chafing, sores, or hair root issues. This is unheard of for me as I’m a typically hairy arsed bloke. After repeated prolonged cycling sessions I’m normally tending to hair root issues with hydrocortisone!

I rate this product, in fact it’s going to replace the Chapeau! product I use currently. Buy some, you won’t be sorry.


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