The cycle show 2017

Last weekend saw the return of the cycle show at the NEC. I’ve been a regular attendee since my teens, have seen my tastes change and bicycle technology advance vastly, plus the flavour of the show change with that years latest fads.

This year really saw a healthy swing to inclusivity. Just getting everyone cycling. Because of that there was no real dominating discipline, and I thought that was great. The ebike section was bigger than before and had a myriad of manufacturers dying to shove their latest tools between your legs, and this was the only test area i tried out this year!. whats that saying about my age and family situation!

Anyway here’s a few shots…

Cinelli had a great looking selection of bikes, they are a manufacturer that make preformance and style mix.
Awesome paint job on this Deda frameset
Starley stainless bikes, rust free winter bike anyone?
Sort of breaks my heart to see Ferrari on anything other than a Colnago. This Bianchi was kinda cool, but i’d rather have a V1-R
The Light Blue had a nice selection of steel, very popular too!
One of the bikes of the show for me, a Riese & Muller cargo ebike. Great advancement in engineering.
Some cool looking cruisers from these guys, although we did test an ebike version. It wasn’t the finest ride, but hey its designed for looks not handling!
The finest collection of frames in the show went to Colnago for this
When i was told about a flouro orange colourway for the C60 I kind of scoffed. But I was wrong, this was the bike of the show.
Really happy with my BBB fullview glasses. You should get some!
On the Vitus stand we had a panorama of one of my regular Sunday routes across the forest, near the red shoot inn.
Some really tasty wheelsets on the Vision stand, Metrons please!
And my technical highlight had to be the FSA Kforce WE wireless groupset. Superlight and fully programmable because its geared, not sprung. Yes that means you could retrofit to a three speed Brompton if you wanted!

All in all a great show with some great new kit. one of the more interesting I’ve been to due to the sheer advancement in materials and manufacturing filtering down into the cycle industry. Ebikes are fully here now (get over it) and they will change the way we all cycle. Electronic groupsets seem to be the way forward, carbon is just getting even more mainstream, and everyone seems to have respect for all disciplines now. The cliques are gone and the fences down, just get out and ride!!

Now to get that C60 piggybank setup……..

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