Ventoux – a performance by 2magpies theatre

Theatre isn’t normally at the top of my list of weekend activities. Now that’s not because of a lack of interest, it’s a time thing. Plus, generally, in Bournemouth the only shows we get are pantomimes and sounds of the 50’s/60’s/70’s medleys, to get to any interesting shows you have to travel. So when I saw the performance of Ventoux pop up locally I thought it’s a great opportunity to see some people tread the boards…… and on a subject I’m partial to!

The ventoux poster artwork is very cool, matching the performance

Ventoux tells the story surrounding the eponymous stage of the year 2000 Tour de France. Mont Ventoux saw the showdown between Lance Armstrong and Marco Pantani, they pushed the final climb together with them crossing the line in identical times but their career stories couldn’t have been more different.

I’m no theatre buff but I really enjoyed the construct of 2magpies show, the final moments of the race happen in the first half of the performance with the second half focusing on the huge personality differences of the two champions. 2magpies successfully convey they arrogance of Armstrong and the frailty of Pantani switching back and fourth with some great monologues, covering both back stories from their own and each others perspective, and their spiral into doping that eventually ended both of their careers. All this in an hour? yep it was pretty clever.

Pre show the performers warm up.

If you are a cycling or a theatre fan I suggest you check it out, its well worth it. The other massive surprise was the Shelley Theatre in Boscombe, what a great venue. The building is fantastic, they have a great bar area and the theatre itself is nice and intimate. I will definitely be looking to see more shows here. If you live in the Bournemouth area i suggest you look it up.

2Magpies are touring the UK with Ventoux and still have some performance relatively local to Bournemouth if you missed this one. Salisbury and Basingstoke being the closest, check them out HERE.

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