Colnago C60 test

Its difficult to resist hype sometimes. To start to believe something without really knowing. This was how I was getting with my dreams of a Colnago C60, I’ve held the Italian bike manufacturer in such high esteem yet never tried the product.

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to get a decent ride on my dream bike, did it live up to my preconceived ideas? here’s my chat on it.

The C60 was specced with full Dura Ace group, Vision Metron 40 carbon wheels, and FSA finishing kit. So not leaving a huge amount of room for improvement then!

From the first few pedal stomps I could feel that this was different to my Ribble R872. My Ribble is noted as being stiff and pretty efficient but with the C60 I just felt connected. Initially I found the steering a little twitchy but that soon settled and five minutes in I was well at home. It wasn’t twitchy, it was pin sharp and effortless.

I took the C60 on a couple of outings into the New Forest covering about 100 miles between them.

Despite my relatively low level of fitnes at the time (end of December) I was really impressed to have dragged myself home at that pace. But I have to say it’s down to the bike.

On climbing and sprinting nothing is lost, this was the most notable trait of the bike. Yes some of this could be down to the Metron 40 carbon wheels (my regular wheels are Easton EA90 SLX clinchers, a climbers wheel so not notably stiff), but I could really feel the continuity of form from the handlebars to the bottom bracket through the frame. There seemed to be little if no deflection. Now I’m not exactly a watt monster but I can push a pedal! I’m also drawing a direct comparison to the feel of the winter bike (steel Charge Plug Racer) as that the last I had ridden. With the C60 nothing was lost, it was so efficient it felt like it was amplifying my output!

Descending was confident, with the handling becoming more stable at speed giving great confidence on cornering. Despite the frames stiff nature it was also pretty forgiving, I mean very comfortable. Little or no bar buzz, and even with a chunky seatpost (31.8mm) I didn’t feel fatigued in the groin area at all! Despite the saddle not being my norm. (Maybe all these saddles I’ve tried have just been masking the overly stiff nature of my Ribble frame?).

Ok so thats the ride out the way, what about the looks? Well the test bike was not to my taste. It was an art-decor model (meaning fancy swirly paint) with purple and silver airbrushing. Don’t get me wrong the finish was exquisite, it was just personal taste. The construction of the frame is fantastic though. The lugged carbon, octagonal tubes, solid chain stays all mean business whilst retaining a classic look. There isn’t a better looking bike available in my opinion, especially when in the matte black with red lugs and this sloping geometry.

Take a look and see:

So to summarise this is easily the best bike I have ever ridden. Yes its expensive but the quality and feel is so good that you will probably never need another bike. Its comfortable enough to be an all-dayer (although geometry may be a little low on the front end for some) but doesn’t lose any performance to do so. It works so well you would have thought there would have been some sort of trade off in looks, but no its a classic looking bike.

I’m buying one, (And if you can afford it, so should you. You wont regret it!) just need to convince Charlie now…..


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