Pills Powders And Potions

That time again to start to restock the nutrition cupboard, my go to’s up until this point have been Hi5 zero tabs for hydration and a mix of freebie gels and bars for mid ride. Post ride I have normally just chucked down a protein shake when I have remembered/bothered, but it normally just ends up being dinner!

So wanting to get a bit more of a routine for my nutrition whilst ‘training’ and to stop me from exhausting myself I’ve bought a proper energy/hydration drink, some mid ride flapjacks, some creatine, and a recovery shake.

First thing that will flag with some people is “why is a cyclist taking creatine?!”. Ok so this isn’t really the norm but I’ve used it before (during some weight lifting days, trying to impress the girls!) and it worked really well for me, increasing my ability to lift heavier and increase my reps. There are plenty of studies to back up my previous results, and studies to back up the benefits when its added into an aerobic exercise routine. (I hate to cite Livestrong but read HERE). It doesn’t increase endurance but it does increase strength and ability to sprint. Surely beneficial on the climbs? we will see.

I needed a refill of a recovery drink so went for the  Recoverfuel, it has everything that I’ve used before in it but with the added benefit of a probiotic for your digestive system. I’ve heard good things about boosting your digestive bacteria so it will be interesting to try this! Every ride out I also take a hydration tab in my bottle but never normally anything for mid ride fuel, that’s where the Electrofuel and flapjacks come in. Making sure I actually fuel mid ride rather than my usual style of just hammering myself for 40 miles and only drinking electrolytes (probably why I’m exhausted afterwards!).

Price wise this little lot set me back just under £40, and I reckon it will last me a good couple of months. There’s always a deal going on on the Myprotein.com website so the prices are reasonable, they have multitudes of flavours and pack sizes, and the delivery is great so I’ve not been disappointed so far.

I’ll come back on how it all goes!



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