Rapha Archive Store

Had a half hour to kill today on my way to a meeting just south of Bristol, and obviously living in Bournemouth meant I could conveniently drive via Shepton Mallet…… The location of the Rapha Archive store. In layman’s terms that means outlet store, and by that definition means discounts!

Now this visit was purely a recce, I cant say that I’ve ever been a fan of Rapha gear. This is probably due to the stigma attached to wearing it (all the gear and no idea or super elitist attitude) and the prohibitive pricing. But I’m always open minded.

The location of the store says a lot about the type of gear that Rapha is and Kilver court designer outlet has some pretty big names on board. With the likes of Mulberry, L.K Bennet, and Jack Wills its in fairly pricey company.

Anyway had a quick scout round and was, I hate to say it, impressed. The Rapha kit is well made, although there’s no denying some of it is a little garish. I’m not one for pastel colours, and even less so for pastel on the bike! The discounts seemed good (did this mean the stuff was too expensive in the first place?) and made everything within reach, the only issue I could see where potential limited sizes.

I couldn’t leave empty handed but didn’t have time to try a load of stuff on so gambled size wise on a nice looking tshirt, at £16 what was to lose? As you can see it fits well!

I will be back to spend a bit more time at the store to get a proper feel for the fit, and I still think the kit is a bit expensive at original price for what you get. Especially when compared to Castelli gear, but after looking about today my opinions are changing on Rapha……

The only giveaway that Rapha is inside the building.
Some good discounts on offer
T shirt I picked up, nice cotton with a great fit. I like.

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