Running with a toddler

Being a dad is great, it turned me from being a human cog back into a human being. Over time I had become a person with purpose only to enable others to function, a cog in a machine. Meeting Charlie changed that, I started to make the machine work for me. We made even more plans together, got married, and Eva came along. I now no longer live in some else’s mechanism, we have our own. I like this analogy, it’s mechanical, it’s how I think. But what does this have to do with running? I’ll help you, it’s the Eva part……..

With time at a premium I need to be able to fit in my running around Eva (especially if i want to have bike time as well!) and with the unfortunate statistics regarding child obesity in the UK I want to get her into good habits early. This is why I love to take her running, to make exercising a normal part of the routine. Only issue is this limits where I can run as the bugaboo chameleon buggy we have isn’t suitable for anything other than pavements. And even then you need to watch your pace and approach of kerbs! So should I be in search of a buggy just for running? Or should I just continue to limit where we jog?

I’ve found a few potential solutions to my problem.

The Bugaboo Runner

Now this is the ideal I reckon, its a running chassis that fits in with out current Bugaboo travel system. It has pneumatic tyres, alloy rimmed wheels laced to sealed bearing hubs, a v-brake that works on the front wheel operated by full handle width brake bar, and a foot operated brake locking pedal for the rear wheels. Its all fitted to a lightweight alloy chassis. I’ve played with one of these already and I’m quite impressed, but at £335 just for the chassis it isn’t that cheap! Take a look here.


Phil and Teds Sub 4

Now this is something really cool. 20″ wheeled, full suspension, and dual disc brakes. It looks like it would make you faster. The F1 car of running buggies! But at £700….. its dreamworld……. check out the specs here. (Also check out the URL, there’s confidence for you!)


Out ‘n’ About Nipper Sport

This is a great value running buggy from what I can see. It has a steel chassis, rear suspension, front caliper brake operated by a lever on the bar, 16″ pneumatic wheels, hood, padded seat insert, and a rear foot brake. It comes in a couple of colour ways with my preference being the red I would like to try one, and at £325 its pretty reasonable I think. Take a look here.



Oh and here’s the wildcard!

The Kidrunner

I think this is still in the development stage, and I can see why if you watch some of the videos. I think you would have a pretty sick baby going by the bouncing motion going on! Its a waist mounted trailer that you tow your child in. For the Kickstarter campaign click here.


I will need to go try a few. I know the Bugaboo will fit straight in with what we already have, but do i really want to ruin the main buggy by taking half of it running? do I really want to have my knackers chopped off for spending £700 on a buggy? for both of those reasons the Out ‘n’ About is seeming like a top option, but i have yet to see one in the flesh. Time to hunt one down I think……. but maybe not the KidRunner!


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